Have Pet, Will Travel - The essential guide for travelling pet owners

9 July 2014

Australians are pet crazy and love to travel. But for many pet owners the thought of either travelling with or without their pet creates feelings of anxiety & guilt. It shouldn’t be that way should it? Gareth Brock, The Pet Traveller, says no! Have Pet, Will Travel is a pet parent’s ‘passport’ to travelling with or without your pet - worry free.

From road trips, boating, camping and preparing (or surviving) plane travel to those times when you have to leave your furry friend behind in the care of others Have Pet, Will Travel is your essential guide with each chapter concluding with quick and handy tips.

Gareth also shares first hand experiences (and disasters). So if you’re a pet parent that loves to travel Have Pet, Will Travel is a must read to get you on your way quicker and enjoy your next get away.

The book can be purchased here.