Top Tips To Dig Out Pet Friendly Accommodation

17 October 2017

Christmas is fast approaching so if you’re planning to travel with your pet it tow it’s good to know these simple tips to ensure you enjoy a great escape with your furry friend.

Safety First:

If your pooch is a Houdini Hound or even if they are well trained it’s best to clarify that any outdoor areas are enclosed as even the most well behaved dogs love to sniff out and explore their new surroundings (much like you) when they are away from home. Additionally, if your holiday home is on multiple levels make sure balcony areas are safe and secure especially for smaller pets that may fit under any balustrades.

It's not just our 2-legged kids who need the safety of an enclosed pool, so if your pet isn’t used to getting their paws wet ensure the pool and spa areas are securely fenced to avoid any mishaps.

Nearby attractions to get tails wagging:

There's no point taking your dog on holiday, if they can't get out and about and enjoy the sights with you. Find local off leash parks, beaches or pet friendly dining so your dog can enjoy its holiday too and not have to stay couped up in an unfamiliary house or hotel. Pets On Holiday includes over 500 eateries across Australia that welcome furry diners, some even providing a treat on arrival!

Get Familiar with the rules:

Some places may say they are pet friendly but then stipulate that your dog must be kept to outside areas only, must be supervised at all times, not permitted on furniture or restrcit the size of pets permitted. Always check the rules before you go and attempt to get the responses in writing if its not clear on their website. This way there will be no surprises upon check-in! It’s also best to let the accommodation provider know what type of pet you have i.e. age, breed as some have restrictions especially for puppies as they are prone to cause damage while in their training phase. If your dog is an indoor dog then best to steer clear of those that won’t allow your pet indoors – it won’t be fun for them or you!

Additional Pet Fees:

Some hotels and holiday homes may charge a bond or additional fees on top of the regular room rate for deodorising or disinfecting the property prior to the next guests arrival to ensure it’s allergy free.  Ask about any additional fees so you can factor this into your budget and avoid any surprises.

Check reviews left by previous pet owners:

Previous reviews will give a good indication of other pet owner experiences at the property and should give you some reassurance before your arrival.

We hope the above tips will help you get on the road quicker and have a stress free getaway with your furry friend. Don’t forget at Pet Check-in we’ve already found Australia’s most pet friendly destinations and our book Pets On Holidays includes all the activities and eateries where your pet is welcomed.


Happy travelling!