Run Free In Brisbane’s Best Off Leash Spaces

1 November 2017

Dogs and Pets aren’t meant to be leashed up all the time. They should be free to run around and play in open spaces. However, if you’re visiting Brisbane (or if you’re a local) we’ve dug out 8 of the best off-leash parks that Brisbane has to offer.

1. Powerhouse Park

130 Lamington St, New Farm

This large park is located next to the Brisbane River and the Powerhouse with a spacious designated off-leash zone where pet parents can allow their pets to run around and play freely. The park is often frequented by cyclers as there’s a bike path along the river coast. There’s also a shady grassed area perfect for a picnic once your dog has tired themselves (or you) out.

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2. Preston RD Park

25 Preston Rd, Carina

This is the perfect park for you, your kids, and your pets. The off-leash zone in this park spans out across 8000 sq. meters and includes dog agility equipment. Your two-legged kids are catered for with play areas with rubber grounds and shade sails. If you’re not tired after chasing the dog and the kids you can try out the outdoor fitness equipment in the park.

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3. Bulimba Riverside Park

57 Addison Ave, Bulimba

Bulimba Riverside Park is one of the most aesthetically stunning parks in Brisbane as it looks out at the river and Tenerife. It’s a great spot from which to enjoy the sight of the sun dipping down into the river and over the wool stores. The off-leash zone in this park is 1400 sq. meters vast, which isn’t the most spacious in the city, but the view makes it worth it.

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4. Northey St Park

24 Edgar St, Windsor

Northey St Park, also called “City Farm”, has the perfect off-leash zone. In addition to being spacious, it also comes with dog agility equipment, picnic tables, and a BBQ zone. As such, while you enjoy a family meal yourself, you can allow your dog to freely run around. The park even has a little grooming zone if you’d like to beautify your pooch!

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(Image Source: Weekend Notes)

5. Booker Place Park

Sugarwood St & Birkin Rd, Bellbowrie

This park boasts one of the most spacious off-leash zones in the whole city, spanning across 11,000 sq. meters of space. The off-leash zone also comes with agility equipment for the dogs. You can also bring your kids over or enjoy a family picnic in the zone as it also features a water play area, a BBQ zone, and plenty of picnic spots. If you’re going to the park with other fellow pooch parents, you can also play a game of Basketball or Tennis at the Basketball half-court and Tennis rebound wall.

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(Image Source: Weekend Notes)

6. Tuckeroo Park

1553 Nudgee Rd, Nudgee Beach

Tuckeroo Park doesn’t have a designated off-leash zone because the whole park has been designed for dogs. In fact, it’s locally known as “doggie world” because they’re the target demographic here. The park includes a fenced obstacle course and an adventure park specifically designed for dogs. In addition to the park, you can also take your dogs to the neighboring Nudgee Beach’s tidal section, as long as they’re leashed.

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7. Decker Park

Twenty-Fifth Ave & Flinders Pde, Brighton

Decker Park is also located on a beach. The off-leash zone in the park has agility equipment including ramps and jumps. The beach is dog-friendly provided they are on a leash.

Decker Park has received an upgrade by Brisbane City Council.

(Image Source: Bayside Star News)

8. Aquatic Paradise Park

Commodore Dr, Birkdale

This is an unfenced park right on the waterfront where your dogs are free to run around. On the other end of the park is the children’s playground where you can take your kids. You can also enjoy the park as a family and sit down on one of the many seating spots for a picnic.

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(Image Source: Weekend Notes)

These are some of the best off-leash sites in the city of Brisbane where your dog can be allowed to run around freely. So now that you know of these, take that leash off and set your pets free!

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