Packing Creature Comforts

29 July 2014

You have to be comfortable on your holiday. Your pet is no exception. There are a few ways to help your pet settle into their new home by packing some creature comforts.

Pet entertainment doesn't have to be extravagant. A favourite chew toy or pillow from home makes an excellent distraction. The item's familiar smell helps keep your pets calm. This can go for cats as well. If they have a preferred stuffed animal that they chase around the house or a blanket they enjoy snuggling in, put it inside their carrier. Portable play sets can also rid hyper dogs of excess energy. These mini obstacle courses encourage jumping and running. Of course, a stick or ball to fetch will also tucker out a pooch.

These items don’t need to be extravagant. Pack their bedding unwashed so it keeps their scent and remains familiar to keep them calm. Other items can include an item of your clothing to help them feel content and secure with your scent, and, of course, some of their favourite stuffed animal or toys can help reduce boredom, although you may want to consider leaving the squeaking accessories at home so they don't annoy other guests. My dog Ebony is obsessed with her ball. A few throws of the ball each day makes her much happier.

It is best to check with your pet boarding facility if they allow you to bring additional items

A recent YouTube clip showed a family in Norway taking creature comforts to an entirely new level. They were so sad to leave their beloved pet behind for the first time, they converted his new enclosure into a replica of the family lounge room - including transporting some of their furniture! Here is the link to this