Gold Coast's Best Dog Beaches

7 November 2017

The Gold Coast is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches stretching on for miles. It’s one of the many reasons tourists flock to this beach paradise year-round. Many beaches along the Gold Coast are now welcoming dogs so we’ve hunted down the best off-leash beaches for you and your dog to enjoy so you can have a fun day out!


1. Palm Beach

Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

This has to be one of the PCI team’s all-time favourites — it’s a dog’s paradise! The southern end of Palm Beach has a vast stretch of land that’s a designated off-leash zone where you can set your pooch free and let it run around on the sand and waters. The off-leash zone starts from the edge of Palm Beach Parklands and goes all the way to the Surf, alongside Currumbin Creek. On the creek side you’ll see many locals paddle boarding with their canines. For the more adventurous, energetic, and brave swimmers, you can catch waves on the ocean side.

There’s a café nearby to grab a snack and coffee – although not dog-friendly, they can be tied up to designated poles in view while you sit down and relax.

2. Dreamtime Beach

McKissock Dr, Kingscliff

This beach is located in the midst of Wommin Bay. It encompasses a long sandy stretch of land where dogs are allowed to run around free. It’s perfect for a long walk or for playing in the water.


3. The Spit

Gold Coast Hwy, Currumbin

This is a local hound hangout and perhaps the most popular off-leash zone for all dog parents. The Spit is a long sandy stretch which includes a canal where dogs are spoilt for choice. This is sure to get your dog’s tail wagging. Some dogs enjoy splashing out to the wavy waters, and some enjoy idling by the cool canal.



4. Tellebudgera Beach

Gold Coast Hwy, Tallebudgera

Tellebudgera Beach has an off-leash zone that’s almost hidden in secrecy. It’s largely frequented by the locals only. There’s a grassy patch of land near the surf club, and if you follow it, you reach the sandy stretch of land where dogs are allowed to go free any time of the day or night.

This photo of Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Well these are the best off-leash dog beaches in all of Australia’s Gold Coast. You better whip your sunscreen out, cause you’re going on a little trip with your pooch now.