BYO or Room Service – Your Pets Diet While You're Away

5 December 2017

Our furry friends can be creatures of habit, so they may require help changing their diet if they are used to having a single type of food. When you go away it is important to determine if your pet should stay on their regular diet or receive “room service” (or buying food at your destination). A sudden change in diet can cause sickness, diarrhoea and internal stress to an already anxious pet that is missing you. Some tips below include:

  1. Room Service? You should check with your accomodation if meals are provided - lets face it most won't but some 5 star hotels like The Langham in Sydney do. If so, check to see what the fmenu contains. If the food type is similar, your pet may adapt quicker. Some pets require a gradual change over 5-7 days to a new food type, so you may want to pack their food to add in increasing amounts to the new food to help your pet with this transition. Typically you should introduce only about 10%  new food at first, then increase the portion 10% per day until you reach 100%.
  2. Pack their regular food: This is especially important if your pet has any special dietary requirements or health needs. Make sure the food is in an airtight container so no nasties can get in while you're on the road (or spoil). You should always pack more food than is required to ensure they don’t run out.
  3. Feeding Routine: My dog, Ebony is routinely fed morning and night. Remember to try and not deviate from this too much as it will put them out of whack and may require going to the toilet in the middle of the night which will distrub your rest which won't be a welcome surprise on holiday.