Are Your pet's ready for New Years eve?

30 December 2014


New Year’s Eve is just days away and often the biggest celebration on Australian’s calendars. Although these celebrations are fun for us human folk, they can be quite stressful for our 4-legged companions. Naturally firework displays are used to bring in the New Year, but unfortunately, many animals are terrified by this and can indirectly cause harm to animals as they take flight in trying to hide or escape from the loud noises.  Dogs are more likely to run away, travelling distances of kilometres in their petrified state. They can also be very destructive when they stressed and have been known to jump through glass windows, jump over or dig through barriers like fences which would usually contain them.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your pet calm over the New Year period:

  • Direct supervision is important to help prevent injuries or escape. If you cannot supervise your dog on the night, consider making alternate arrangements so your dog will be supervised by a responsible person. You may choose to leave it up to the professionals and board your pet at a local pet boarding facility where they will have staff on-hand throughout the night to care for your pet and will be safe in secure enclosures. Be sure to ask your pet boarding facility what plans they have in place for New Years Eve and additionally what local fireworks shows are planned.
  • Ensure your dog is micro-chipped and that your contact details are up to date on the register. Also ensure they are wearing a collar with their name and your contact details to enable their return is swift.
  • Dogs who panic during these events can choke themselves, so never tether them to a lead and never use a choker to restrain your dog.
  • Close blinds/ curtains and create a comfortable hiding place for them to feel safe. Additionally put on some music or the TV to help mask the noise and provide food and games to help distract them.
  • Take your dog for a large walk before the fireworks, then feed them well, a tired and well fed dog will be much less anxious during these events.
  • Behavioural aids like Thundershirts are new products on the market to help your anxious pooch. As the name suggests Thundershirts can be used during times of high noise such as thunder storms when dogs can be stressed. They gently hug your pet, with constant pressure to keep them calm.

What about cats?

Cats tend not to get as spooked by fireworks but is better to be safe than sorry. You should be kept inside during fireworks displays. Most cats will find somewhere safe to hide and will usually venture out when the noise stops. Ensure your cat is micro chipped and your details are up to date.

From the team at Pet Check-in we wish everyone a happy New Year and look forward to helping you find the best care for your pets in 2015 so you have travel guilt and stress free.