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5 December 2017

Our furry friends can be creatures of habit, so they may require help changing their diet if they are used to having a single type of food.

28 November 2017

You might be able to lead a horse to water but can you lead your dog? Yes you can with these simple tips!

21 November 2017

There are various measures you can take to ensure your pet is a 5-star guest at hotels - click here to find out more.

14 November 2017

We’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of Melbourne’s best drinking holes where you can take your pets along!

7 November 2017

Many beaches along the Gold Coast are now welcoming dogs so we’ve hunted down the best off-leash beaches for you and your dog to enjoy so you can have a fun day out!

1 November 2017

If you’re visiting Brisbane (or if you’re a local) we’ve dug out 8 of the best off-leash parks that Brisbane has to offer.

17 October 2017

Christmas is fast approaching so if you’re planning to travel with your pet it tow it’s good to know these simple tips to ensure you enjoy a great escape with your furry friend.

15 August 2017

Our recent write up in The Australian where Katrina Lobley looks at pet friendly accomodation for those on a budget up to 5 star options.

8 June 2017

If you’re heading to Sydney and don’t want to ruff it there’s a growing list of luxury pet friendly hotels that are opening their doors to furry guests and their humans. We’ve sniffed and dug out some of the best below.

28 February 2015

How much will you spend over your dogs lifetime? What if you couldn't afford their care if they were ill?

28 January 2015

When the holidays roll around, finding somewhere for pets to stay can be an expensive endeavour.

26 January 2015

Domestic violence doesn't just affect us humans. At Pet Check-in our mission is to not only help pet owners find great care when they travel, but when they need it the most - here's how!

30 December 2014

Although New Years celebrations are fun for us human folk, they can be quite stressful for our 4-legged companions. Learn here how to get your pet relaxed and kept safe while we welcome in the new year.

29 July 2014

You have to be comfortable on your holiday. Your pet is no exception. There are a few ways to help your pet settle into their new home by packing some creature comforts.